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Death Is A Flowering

June 6 - June 10

Using meditative techniques inspired by Sufi’s and Shamans related to death, we are shifting through the filters and limits of personality. Allowing to reconnect with our natural – love atmosphere. Our qualities -our beauty & feeling again back “home”. Relaxing into who we really are, realizing we are part of this Organic Whole.

“Meditation is an effort to die voluntarily. And in deep meditation one dies. In deep meditation, the so-called life disappears and for the first time you encounter death. That experience of encountering death makes you deathless. Suddenly you transcend death. Suddenly you know –that which is going to die is not you. All that you can die, you are not. You are neither your body nor your mind nor your self. You are simply pure space –which is never born and never dies” Osho

With the totality of this space, we create a bridge between awareness & love, allowing our energy to move freely and re-connecting us with our love atmosphere celebrating the beauty and the mystery of life and death.