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Vipassana Retreat with Jeff Oliver

April 9 - April 15

A Vipassana Retreat is a time of intensive practice so that we may fully understand how being present, here and now, creates insight and wisdom into the true nature of our body and mind, the world around us and life as it is. This wisdom leads us to peace and harmony.

There will be guided and instructed meditations in various forms and other topics will be explained and practiced, such as forgiveness, self love, loving-kindness (sevgi) meditation,  acceptance and karma.

The practice will be mostly silent during the day with group discussions in the evening and private talks with the teacher as necessary.

This Retreat will be conducted as vipassana retreats around the world in accordance with buddhist monastic conduct and behaviour. All food is vegetarian. Five Virtues will be practiced: No harming living beings, No stealing, No sex or physical contact, No harmful speech and no alcohol or drugs. Also, no evening meal, no sunbaking, no phones or internet. Our day will start at 5 a.m. We only want people who seriously want to understand the meaning of existence, it’s not a holiday 🙂

4 days serves as an introduction for beginners and reminders and deeper practice for those already familiar with Vipassana.

Jeff Oliver began practicing Vipassana in 1992, he spent 9 years as a Buddhist monk in the Burmese tradition and has been teaching internationally since 1995. Since 2005 he has been sharing his experiences and mind management skills in Turkey.

His motto is to LIVE, LEARN AND LOVE!

There are no charges for the Retreat, Donations are welcomed, for accommodation options & prices please check our website !

Booking: info@karakayaretreat.com