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Meera Art Academy | Painting Retreat with Svagito Liebermeister & Elif Chandra

September 9 - September 11

Birth of Creativity

In this 3 day Art Therapy Retreat, we will have an honest look at ourselves using the clear mirror of painting as a medium and the unique method and exercises which are Meera’s legacy. We will reconnect directly with our creativity which is “everyone’s birthright”. We will explore if there are any blockages that prevent us from painting with joy, dancing and moving freely and ecstatically and playing spontaneously like a child and where these blockages are rooted in. We will
discover the gifts and surprises that painting brings when you do it not from the mind, without trying to control the process or to fulfill any expectations, therefore not focusing on the outcome.

Price: 210 euro & 60 euro material , accommodation not incl. 

Early Bird Price 15. Mai : 240 euro incl. material, accommodation not incl.

Reservations & information: info@karakayaretreat.com & +90 538 873 04 11

Art as a bridge to life – the vision of Meera:
Our beloved teacher Meera sees in every human being an artist, an artist in the ability to create oneself and ones own inner world and express oneself through art. At the same time, she encouraged participants to be playful like a child
playing for the first time with paper, paints and painting utensils. It was particularly important for her to support painting as a creative process of self-development with meditation, dancing and Gestalt-therapeutic methods, or to
paint within a group process. Paintings become a reflection of ones own life situation and connection to oneself and others.

In this sense, the Meera Art Foundation will inspire people with Meeras art and to awaken in them the desire to express their own creativity freely.

Meera was a very unique individual, a painter and artist since early childhood on one hand and an art therapist on the other, who could help people to find themselves and their own authentic creative expression in life. She had an immense love for beauty and for people and not only did she create thousands of paintings in various styles in her long career, she also created and was part of many art communities since 1976 and was conduction painting courses and art therapy trainings all over the world. After coming to the enlightened Master Osho in 1976, her way of painting changed drastically and many of Osho’s books are illustrated with her art work.
As Svagito puts it: “ I feel Meera put into practise Osho’s message of living one’s life joyfully, totally and passionately. In my view she translated Osho’s message of joy, silence and love into visual art, which is why her paintings are so alive,
multidimensional and give you a taste of no mind. They need to be preserved for the future humanity.”
Meera left with us so many gifts and her paintings are an expression of her joy and love for Osho and meditation. She would be most satisfied if they could bring a glimpse of happiness and silence into the hearts of those who look at them.
This and the discoveries she made while working with people, is her legacy and all those who are part of and support this foundation are trying to keep this vision alive.

One might have booked a painting course with Meera with the intention of playing with colours and learning how to paint, but that was not all you would get for your money!

Aviva’s review of Meera’s workshop at the Tao Centre in Greece describes it beautifully:
“This workshop works on two different dimensions. It opens up one’s painting creativity, since Meera brings a totally different and unconventional approach to art and to being creative. The second dimension is that of examining and looking
at the emotional elements in our lives. The workshop will provoke both a creative as well as an inner change of awareness.”
Meera has played an immensely important role in opening the creative eyes in the lives of many seekers of love and truth. She was an inspiration for so many!
Svagito Liebermeister is a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher who has been a disciple of the enlightened mystic, Osho, since 1980. In his courses and training groups he combines Western therapy methods with Eastern methods of
meditation, and is known for his clarity and heartfulness in teaching and supporting people in their personal growth.
He has trained hundreds of practitioners worldwide in the art of working with people from a space of meditation and lovingness.
As Meera’s partner for over 20 years, Svagito is committed to make sure that Meera’s work continues to inspire people. He has founded the Meera Art Foundation after Meera left for the other shore in 2017 to preserve her work for
future generations and to support artists who work with meditative art. He has also released Meera’s latest DVD and her new book called Dancing Into the Unknown where she shares her Art Therapy method in detail. Svagito has
traveled all over the world, showing Meera’s work in exhibitions in more than 20 countries including Turkey and is now working on building a gallery in Italy where her work will be permanently exhibited.

Elif Chandra
I worked with Meera first time in 2008 and then trained with her in 2009. Since then, I assisted her many times  in Pune and Turkey and translated her books, The Awakening of Arts; into Turkish.  I studied Fine Arts in Alfred University, New York and worked as a photographer for some magazines after graduation. But  I was almost afraid to paint for many
years because somewhere along the way, I had lost the joy and spontaneity along with knowledge of technique and a very critical eye that I had developed with my art education that almost paralysed me. With Meera, I regained the
spontaneity, innocence and joy of not only painting but also dancing, playing and connecting with people through playfulness.  I came to understand how our creative energy is so close to our life energy and witnessed many people
opening up to life when they were ready to open up to their creativity.
Meeras emphasis on how creativity does not belong to a small group of artists, but is everyone's birth right is so healing. Also assisting Meera was very useful in humbling our artistic ego which can develop quite rapidly. (this was what initially turned me off to the art scene in the world, people taking their art work and themselves so seriously) Preparing paint. carrying water buckets and cleaning the floor are good, Zen-like practices to become down to earth artists.
For more information: meera-art-foundation.com

About Svagito Liebermeister

Svagito Liebermeister is a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher who has been a disciple of the enlightened mystic, Osho, since 1980. In his courses and training groups he combines Western therapy methods with Eastern methods of meditation, and is known for his clarity and heartfulness in teaching and supporting people in their personal growth.

He holds a degree in psychology from Munich University and has been working with people therapeutically since 1981, while continously studying a wide range of therapeutic methods including Deep Tissue Bodywork, Neo-Reichian Breathwork, Psychic Massage and Male-Female Energywork, Counseling and Trauma Therapy (SE). In 1995 he began to include Family Constellation in his work, studying with its founder, Bert Hellinger, and since 2000 he leads his own training programmes in this fascinating approach to therapy. His other training programmes specialize in Neo-Reichian Breathwork, Counseling and Male-Female Energywork and Trauma Healing (SE).

He has trained hundreds of practitioners worldwide in the art of working with people from a space of meditation and lovingness. For many years he coordinated the two-month Osho Therapist Training Programme at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, one of the largest personal- growth centers in the world. Every year, he travels extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Central and South America, offering courses and training programmes in over 15 different countries.
Svagito has published three books, which have been translated into 9 languages.

For further information about Osho and his approach to meditation www.osho.com

For further information about Bert Hellinger and other books on Family Constellation: www.hellinger.com

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